Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mirror

I finished the mirror this weekend.

But I am supposed to hear from our broker on whether or not we close today, so therefore I am far to frantic to post a blog about painting a mirror.

It looks fabulous, BTW.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My next craft project.

So, right after we started the house stuff, ohh SIX WEEKS ago (crazy fast people!) I went with my lovely Ms. Becca to Big Lots. Gotta style a whole house you know! Well I found then and fell in love with the ginormous mirror with lots of pretty detailing on the frame. But, at the time I had no idea how fast this would all happen so I didn't get it.

But it hasn't left my head since that day. I had already mentally placed it above the table I redid.

Well yesterday I found out that we will be signing papers for the house today (!)

Now I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything else for the house until we moved in and I could see how everything we already have looks. But I needed to go to the bank to get some cash for a freakin sweet Craigslist find, and ended up passing right by Big Lots.......and couldn't help myself. I went in and walked straight to that mirror and bought it.
Now, I'm generally a very conservative shopper. I have to LOVE something, then walk around the whole store holding it before I will commit. But I had been lusting after this mirror for weeks. And it was crazy cheap to boot. I don't know the exact measurements, but its almost exactly the same width as the table. IT'S MEANT TO BE!

There it is kids. (BTW, it took me awhile to figure out a good way to photograph a damn mirror. I'm new at this. It's sitting on an ottoman reflecting the ceiling.)

Well, the color is a grayish, pale pale greenish, kinda goldish...meh. It's not awful, but I don't love it.

This is what I love-
(Pre ottoman revelation)
I lloooooovvveee the detailing on this frame. It's getting painted black to match the table pronto. But I can't decide if I want to add any silver, and if so, where. It's gonna stay just black for awhile until I decide.

Don't worry kids, I'll show you how it turns out soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Melon Love

I never used to like melon. Of any kind. I didn't dislike it, it just wasnt my cup of tea.

But this summer I have found my love for it. A couple weeks ago we got a fresh-from-the-garden some kind of melon from Clint's mom's neighbor. I thought "Ohh I'll cut it open and try a piece......"

I ate the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING! Now, it wasn't giant, but c'mon, thats nuts. I maybe gave Clint one slice.

Anyway, at the store the other day I bought an orange flesh melon. Not because those are my favorite, but because they had the most appealing description on the tag at Raley's. Again...I don't know much about melons so it seemed like the way to go. I brught it home and had some and it was fabulous. Not as amazing and the first one of course, but good.

Now you may be wondering here- why am I writing a post about melon? Well because I brought some of that melon to work today in my lunch and when I took it out of the fridge I just noticedhow pretty the color was and thought I would share it.

Love that color contrast. And, of course, the picture does it no justice. Hmm, maybe inspiration for my guest room?? Notice I couldn't stop my self from eating 2 pieces before I took the picture.

Happy Summer! (Even though its almost over)

Have I mentioned yet how much I hate subject lines?

Well I guess I'm not doing so good at documenting my "growing up". I read so many good blogs that I feel like I have to have something amazing to talk about before I write a post. Meh.

I have had my braces for 1 year this week. I can't believe that. They still seem new, but also seem like I've had them forever. Check this-

This was at 6 months. I sorely regret not taking better 'before' pictures.
Still 6 months. Clearer before.

And here I am 3 weeks ago at my last orthodontist appointment. I ran to the bathroom mid-adjustment so I could get some pictures with the wire off.

Gorgeous! Can't believe those are my teeth.
Ohh, and just to brag a bit here- both my hygenist and orthdontist have told me I keep my teeth cleaner than any braces patient they have ever had.

OCD much? You betcha. But  I paid big money for these you better believe I'm gonna take care of them.

I remember so very clearly going to get them put on. I was doing fine, accepting that it had to happen, until I actually sat down in the chair to have them put on. Then I realized this was a huge commitment and there was no turning back and they were CEMENTING these things to me for the next 2 years. I had a nice little freakout. Much like the one I had about an hour after we put the offer in on the house.

By now, they don't phase me one bit. As long as I know they are clean I smile big and wide all the time. I'm proud of the straight teeth that are trapped under all that metal. Can't wait to get them off. My ortho tells me a different timeline every visit. I think he enjoys messing with my head.

So here's to another 3 months to 1 year.

Monday, August 16, 2010


So after our first adventure to our new home Saturday I had a very big change of pace for Sunday. I was all set to attend the Chico Bridal Fair, since I am a bride-to-be and all. Boe was going with me. So, I got all dressed fancy and girly, and cleaned my ring because I knew all the other girls would be looking at every ones ring (like I was). Well, we went out for breakfast beforehand which was lovely but rather stupid. We got to the Silver Dollar fairgrounds and waited in line for 30+ minutes to get into this thing.
And it sucked. My only excitement about this think was getting to taste cake. I know, I know I should be looking for crap for my wedding-but I just wanted cake. It never occurred to my simple mind that this place is full of salespeople trying to get me to buy there overpriced photos/flowers/tablecloths/jewelery/crap. So here we go around the room and people are giving me their sales pitch while my eyes glaze over. Alas, there are catering companies shelling out samples of some delicious smelling food. But- we had just stuffed ourselves silly with Eggs Benedict, so we wanted no part in it.
The only shining light of it was getting to the Van Gooey Cakes booth, who I already knew would be doing our cake. In fact, I contacted her before we even told our families, that's how sure I was. I sampled and it was fabulous. Yum-city.
So then we decided to blow that one horse town (which, on a side note I actually said out loud which brought about a conversation between me and Boe about if that was actually the saying. Neither of us could remember. Anyone?)
Now for the joyfulness of the day.
On our way back to the parking lot, we pass a building that said "Chico indoor flea mart" and decide to go in. Well Helllllllloooooo dolly. Come to Momma.
These are my people. This was my place. Not some stupid ass bridal fair with holographic picture album covers and chocolate fountains.
I was in heaven. As you remember, I have a new house to decorate. So I found some ammmmazing deals, and then haggled them even better. By the time we walked out of that building both of us had our arms completely full of stuff for my house. So excited!
So then sticking to that theme, we went and hit a couple of thrift stores in Chico. Hallelujah! More goods to be found!
So here it is kids....my bounty.....

So in love. Here's the kicker kids- guess how much I spent on all of that. Go ahead-guess. I'll wait.

For 4 big vases, 2 metal and glass candle holders, and a set of wall cube shelves. C'mon! I freakin love thrift shopping! I had to share my glory. Although on another side note, I am setting myself up for disaster here. I may officially have the least kid-friendly house on the planet. The new house has very light whiteish carpets, I have light beige furniture, and now I am filling it with glass. This could be bad. But at least it will look pretty for awhile :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My First Project

Well kids, here it is!

I have had this table for years, and love it dearly. It was just a crying shame it was so damn ugly. Well in the new house, it is going to be prominently displayed in the hallway and act as our key/mail table. So it was in need of a makeover for sure.

Here was the before:

I took it out back and sanded and primed on Thursday night. Then on Friday I painted 2 coats of black, then Saturday I did the silver trim and one more top coat of black on the top. Drumroll please.....

Ta Da!

I don't know why the knobs look all wonky in the picture, in reality they are perfectly straight and level. It still needs a coat of poly, but I don't have the time for that at the moment.....

But it will look much nicer now and it will make me smile every time I walk through the door :) Whatcha think?

Our first day of housework

Today we went into the house to do some work for the first time. We had to install a new toilet in one of the bathrooms to pass inspection before closing, so today was the day.
The toilet went in well-as far is as we know. The water is shut off at the house so we have no way to test it. So here's hoping!
While Clint and my brother installed the toilet, I figured I would do my first round of vacuuming of the nasty carpets. It took forever and completely filled the bucket on my vacuum 3 times. 1857 square feet is a lot of carpet, especially when it includes a set of stairs. But, it was well worth it because just the difference of round of vacuuming made was HUGE. It will need at least one more full round before we get the shampooer in there. Ye haw!
It was also the first time I looked very closely and realized how dirty all the walls are. The previous owner obviously had a large dog and kids, so in addition to the ohh so lovely stained carpets the bottom 2 feet or so of all the walls are really dirty. So who wants to voulenteer to come help me scrub some walls, eh?
I also had the chance to meet our across-the-street neighbor. She was nice and gave me the low down on the basic neighborghood gossip. I love her already :)
Well that was our first day of many many more getting our house ready for us.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crafty Time

Reading my obscene amount of blogs has really got me fired up for decorating my new home. On our adventure to Home Depot last night I even picked up a few of the tools I'll need to start making things fabulous. My first project is refinishing a console table that I have had since before I had Clint and I absolutely adore. It's just ugly. I'm gonna take pictures and post step by step how it goes. If it ends up looking half as amazing as it already does in my mind....I'm doing good.

Craigslis is amazing. Pure, fabulous, wonderfulness. I am on it EVERY DAY looking for fabulous deals. We have already gotten a ridiculously nice fridge for a steal, and a super comfy chair and ottoman for the living room. But what sparked my outpouing of love today was being the giver, not the taker.
Our house has a big ol' home made shed taking up a good chunk of the side yard in back. It's ugly-but thats not the point, I would have lived with it if it would have stayed. Alas, the home inspector said hell no, it wasn't permitted and we would not be approved for the loan without taking it down first. Ok....
So we were planning to tear it down this weekend and haul it to the dump. Then I read This over at Young House Love (which is fabulous) and decided to give it a shot. I posted a couple pictures and said "You take it down and its yours free". Someone called within 30 minutes salivating at the thought of having it. I got 5 more calls within 2 hours. One nice lady called and began telling me how badly she wanted, no NEEDED a shed and had a trailer ready and waiting to take it. I gave her the address and she is probably ripping it down as I write this. That would have been a huge Saturday-wasting project that just got taken off our hands, plus the added benefit of knowing it is still going to be used and not just stuck in the dump. Score 1 for all.

My Wedding

I have no excitement for my wedding at all. I feel this is not normal.

I was overjoyed when Clint proposed, it was exactly what I wanted, and it is wonderful. I want to be married, I'm excited to be married. But not about the wedding itself.

I'm an accountant. And a penny picncher, a saver, im stingy...however you want to put it. I got a little excited right at the begining, but then it got to the point where all I see when I think of having a wedding is a big black pit of dollar signs. Since we started the home buying process? Forget about it. I'd much rather add a retaining wall to my back yard then rent chairs or buy flowers to use FOR ONE DAY.

I do hope this feeling will go away because we ARE having a wedding and I would like to enjoy the process, being the bride and all. It's going to be a small backyard affair at my Maid of Honor's house next September. Some might say- why not just elope? Right now, I would love to. But we will absolutely not, because I don't want to regret not having a real redding someday. You only get one shot at this and I'd rather whine my way through it and be happy afterword then live the rest of my life wishing I had just done it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Depot

Tonight we had our first real buying trip for the new house. Never in my life did I think I would get so excited about picking out a toilet. But I did and I am.

Once we move in I will be passing by Home Depot on my way to and from work everyday. I am thoroughly worried I will become addicted and spend my life savings in the Home Depot.


We have lived in our wonderful little duplex for just over 4 years. I love it. I have always and will always say- if it had another bathroom we could have stayed forever. I love the location. I love the trees. I love the wall I refinished. I love the big ass linen closet. I love the whole damn thing.
Since my first move at 7, I have lived in a whole hell of alot of houses. We were always moving. I never made it to 2 years in any house I lived in until this one. When I first started actually visualizing living in the new house it was all excitement. Having all that extra space to spread out and live life. Once the initial excitement wore off, I started getting a bit scared truthfully. I am so attached to this house I am worried that I won't love the new house as much. Which of course is magnified by the fact that we are buying it, so its not like we can just change our minds and find another one in a few months.
I am hugely a creature of habit. The last couple weeks I have been thinking about how I have to make all new habits after we move. That not only scares me but honestly it pisses me off a bit. I like my habits. I can do them without thinking. I don't forget things because I have had the same routine for 4 years and know what I need to do to get out the door.
It's the little things really. I went to do a load of laundry today, and the way our house it set up I can walk up to the garage entry door, push the basket between me and the wall, and reach out open the door and flip on the light. Perfect fit. At the new house, the garage entry door opens into the house, so I will have to put down the basket to open the door. It's stupid, right? But I hate it.
We have a shelf right outside the shower where I keep my hairbrush. As soon as  I open the curtain after a shower, I grab my brush and brush out my wet hair. The new house can't have a shelf like that.
When we finish a can of soda, it goes on the bar counter to be crushed-because the bar counter is right next to the garage, where the crusher is. New House- garage is farther away, what are we going t odo with cans? (Don't tell me crush them immedately, one at a time. Clint is incabable of such rational behavior, bless his heart.)

They are silly, petty little things that I will get over and create new habits, I know. But it's just about the change. I'm scared to move. I let myself fall so in love with my life right now that I'm afraid of how different it will be in our new house.

The New Beginning

I have always wanted to start a blog. But I'll be honest with you- the reason I never did was because I always figure I'm not cool enough. Or articulate enough. Or....whatever enough. But what the hell, eh?

The last couple week, since we first started this whirlwind journey of buying this house I have been reading ALOT of blogs. Home buying blogs, home fixing blogs, decorating blogs, money saving blogs, everything blogs.

(Side note here-typing blogs while listening to talk radio is a bad idea. These 2 sentences have taken me like 20 minutes to write because I keep getting distracted)

Back before they were blogs, I had a livejournal a million years ago that was all about being 16 and young love and silliness. It was good fun.

Now to the point here. I'm 24 and in the last year I have had quite a bit of life changes happen. I finally got the braces needed to fix my mangled teeth. That might not seem like a big thing to some, but when you had teeth so jacked that it became part of what made people recognise you, then changing it can be a really big deal. Clint proposed after 4 years of dating, I graduated college, and now we are buying a house. It's alot. Even though I have heard it a million times, it has been in this last year that I have actually felt life going by fast. It's insane. Part of growing up I suppose. The more years your life has, the faster they pass by in the grand scheme of things.
So, I wanted to start documenting that again. even though that LiveJournal is ridiculous, I love going back and reading it. It was my life at that time, and I am so thankful that those thoughts and feelings I had are forever preserved. So, here we go again!