Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have I mentioned yet how much I hate subject lines?

Well I guess I'm not doing so good at documenting my "growing up". I read so many good blogs that I feel like I have to have something amazing to talk about before I write a post. Meh.

I have had my braces for 1 year this week. I can't believe that. They still seem new, but also seem like I've had them forever. Check this-

This was at 6 months. I sorely regret not taking better 'before' pictures.
Still 6 months. Clearer before.

And here I am 3 weeks ago at my last orthodontist appointment. I ran to the bathroom mid-adjustment so I could get some pictures with the wire off.

Gorgeous! Can't believe those are my teeth.
Ohh, and just to brag a bit here- both my hygenist and orthdontist have told me I keep my teeth cleaner than any braces patient they have ever had.

OCD much? You betcha. But  I paid big money for these you better believe I'm gonna take care of them.

I remember so very clearly going to get them put on. I was doing fine, accepting that it had to happen, until I actually sat down in the chair to have them put on. Then I realized this was a huge commitment and there was no turning back and they were CEMENTING these things to me for the next 2 years. I had a nice little freakout. Much like the one I had about an hour after we put the offer in on the house.

By now, they don't phase me one bit. As long as I know they are clean I smile big and wide all the time. I'm proud of the straight teeth that are trapped under all that metal. Can't wait to get them off. My ortho tells me a different timeline every visit. I think he enjoys messing with my head.

So here's to another 3 months to 1 year.

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