Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We have lived in our wonderful little duplex for just over 4 years. I love it. I have always and will always say- if it had another bathroom we could have stayed forever. I love the location. I love the trees. I love the wall I refinished. I love the big ass linen closet. I love the whole damn thing.
Since my first move at 7, I have lived in a whole hell of alot of houses. We were always moving. I never made it to 2 years in any house I lived in until this one. When I first started actually visualizing living in the new house it was all excitement. Having all that extra space to spread out and live life. Once the initial excitement wore off, I started getting a bit scared truthfully. I am so attached to this house I am worried that I won't love the new house as much. Which of course is magnified by the fact that we are buying it, so its not like we can just change our minds and find another one in a few months.
I am hugely a creature of habit. The last couple weeks I have been thinking about how I have to make all new habits after we move. That not only scares me but honestly it pisses me off a bit. I like my habits. I can do them without thinking. I don't forget things because I have had the same routine for 4 years and know what I need to do to get out the door.
It's the little things really. I went to do a load of laundry today, and the way our house it set up I can walk up to the garage entry door, push the basket between me and the wall, and reach out open the door and flip on the light. Perfect fit. At the new house, the garage entry door opens into the house, so I will have to put down the basket to open the door. It's stupid, right? But I hate it.
We have a shelf right outside the shower where I keep my hairbrush. As soon as  I open the curtain after a shower, I grab my brush and brush out my wet hair. The new house can't have a shelf like that.
When we finish a can of soda, it goes on the bar counter to be crushed-because the bar counter is right next to the garage, where the crusher is. New House- garage is farther away, what are we going t odo with cans? (Don't tell me crush them immedately, one at a time. Clint is incabable of such rational behavior, bless his heart.)

They are silly, petty little things that I will get over and create new habits, I know. But it's just about the change. I'm scared to move. I let myself fall so in love with my life right now that I'm afraid of how different it will be in our new house.

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  1. My sister lived in your side of the duplex. Good mojo there :-)