Monday, August 16, 2010


So after our first adventure to our new home Saturday I had a very big change of pace for Sunday. I was all set to attend the Chico Bridal Fair, since I am a bride-to-be and all. Boe was going with me. So, I got all dressed fancy and girly, and cleaned my ring because I knew all the other girls would be looking at every ones ring (like I was). Well, we went out for breakfast beforehand which was lovely but rather stupid. We got to the Silver Dollar fairgrounds and waited in line for 30+ minutes to get into this thing.
And it sucked. My only excitement about this think was getting to taste cake. I know, I know I should be looking for crap for my wedding-but I just wanted cake. It never occurred to my simple mind that this place is full of salespeople trying to get me to buy there overpriced photos/flowers/tablecloths/jewelery/crap. So here we go around the room and people are giving me their sales pitch while my eyes glaze over. Alas, there are catering companies shelling out samples of some delicious smelling food. But- we had just stuffed ourselves silly with Eggs Benedict, so we wanted no part in it.
The only shining light of it was getting to the Van Gooey Cakes booth, who I already knew would be doing our cake. In fact, I contacted her before we even told our families, that's how sure I was. I sampled and it was fabulous. Yum-city.
So then we decided to blow that one horse town (which, on a side note I actually said out loud which brought about a conversation between me and Boe about if that was actually the saying. Neither of us could remember. Anyone?)
Now for the joyfulness of the day.
On our way back to the parking lot, we pass a building that said "Chico indoor flea mart" and decide to go in. Well Helllllllloooooo dolly. Come to Momma.
These are my people. This was my place. Not some stupid ass bridal fair with holographic picture album covers and chocolate fountains.
I was in heaven. As you remember, I have a new house to decorate. So I found some ammmmazing deals, and then haggled them even better. By the time we walked out of that building both of us had our arms completely full of stuff for my house. So excited!
So then sticking to that theme, we went and hit a couple of thrift stores in Chico. Hallelujah! More goods to be found!
So here it is bounty.....

So in love. Here's the kicker kids- guess how much I spent on all of that. Go ahead-guess. I'll wait.

For 4 big vases, 2 metal and glass candle holders, and a set of wall cube shelves. C'mon! I freakin love thrift shopping! I had to share my glory. Although on another side note, I am setting myself up for disaster here. I may officially have the least kid-friendly house on the planet. The new house has very light whiteish carpets, I have light beige furniture, and now I am filling it with glass. This could be bad. But at least it will look pretty for awhile :)

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