Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crafty Time

Reading my obscene amount of blogs has really got me fired up for decorating my new home. On our adventure to Home Depot last night I even picked up a few of the tools I'll need to start making things fabulous. My first project is refinishing a console table that I have had since before I had Clint and I absolutely adore. It's just ugly. I'm gonna take pictures and post step by step how it goes. If it ends up looking half as amazing as it already does in my mind....I'm doing good.

Craigslis is amazing. Pure, fabulous, wonderfulness. I am on it EVERY DAY looking for fabulous deals. We have already gotten a ridiculously nice fridge for a steal, and a super comfy chair and ottoman for the living room. But what sparked my outpouing of love today was being the giver, not the taker.
Our house has a big ol' home made shed taking up a good chunk of the side yard in back. It's ugly-but thats not the point, I would have lived with it if it would have stayed. Alas, the home inspector said hell no, it wasn't permitted and we would not be approved for the loan without taking it down first. Ok....
So we were planning to tear it down this weekend and haul it to the dump. Then I read This over at Young House Love (which is fabulous) and decided to give it a shot. I posted a couple pictures and said "You take it down and its yours free". Someone called within 30 minutes salivating at the thought of having it. I got 5 more calls within 2 hours. One nice lady called and began telling me how badly she wanted, no NEEDED a shed and had a trailer ready and waiting to take it. I gave her the address and she is probably ripping it down as I write this. That would have been a huge Saturday-wasting project that just got taken off our hands, plus the added benefit of knowing it is still going to be used and not just stuck in the dump. Score 1 for all.

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