Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our first day of housework

Today we went into the house to do some work for the first time. We had to install a new toilet in one of the bathrooms to pass inspection before closing, so today was the day.
The toilet went in well-as far is as we know. The water is shut off at the house so we have no way to test it. So here's hoping!
While Clint and my brother installed the toilet, I figured I would do my first round of vacuuming of the nasty carpets. It took forever and completely filled the bucket on my vacuum 3 times. 1857 square feet is a lot of carpet, especially when it includes a set of stairs. But, it was well worth it because just the difference of round of vacuuming made was HUGE. It will need at least one more full round before we get the shampooer in there. Ye haw!
It was also the first time I looked very closely and realized how dirty all the walls are. The previous owner obviously had a large dog and kids, so in addition to the ohh so lovely stained carpets the bottom 2 feet or so of all the walls are really dirty. So who wants to voulenteer to come help me scrub some walls, eh?
I also had the chance to meet our across-the-street neighbor. She was nice and gave me the low down on the basic neighborghood gossip. I love her already :)
Well that was our first day of many many more getting our house ready for us.

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