Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Wedding

I have no excitement for my wedding at all. I feel this is not normal.

I was overjoyed when Clint proposed, it was exactly what I wanted, and it is wonderful. I want to be married, I'm excited to be married. But not about the wedding itself.

I'm an accountant. And a penny picncher, a saver, im stingy...however you want to put it. I got a little excited right at the begining, but then it got to the point where all I see when I think of having a wedding is a big black pit of dollar signs. Since we started the home buying process? Forget about it. I'd much rather add a retaining wall to my back yard then rent chairs or buy flowers to use FOR ONE DAY.

I do hope this feeling will go away because we ARE having a wedding and I would like to enjoy the process, being the bride and all. It's going to be a small backyard affair at my Maid of Honor's house next September. Some might say- why not just elope? Right now, I would love to. But we will absolutely not, because I don't want to regret not having a real redding someday. You only get one shot at this and I'd rather whine my way through it and be happy afterword then live the rest of my life wishing I had just done it.

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