Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The New Beginning

I have always wanted to start a blog. But I'll be honest with you- the reason I never did was because I always figure I'm not cool enough. Or articulate enough. Or....whatever enough. But what the hell, eh?

The last couple week, since we first started this whirlwind journey of buying this house I have been reading ALOT of blogs. Home buying blogs, home fixing blogs, decorating blogs, money saving blogs, everything blogs.

(Side note here-typing blogs while listening to talk radio is a bad idea. These 2 sentences have taken me like 20 minutes to write because I keep getting distracted)

Back before they were blogs, I had a livejournal a million years ago that was all about being 16 and young love and silliness. It was good fun.

Now to the point here. I'm 24 and in the last year I have had quite a bit of life changes happen. I finally got the braces needed to fix my mangled teeth. That might not seem like a big thing to some, but when you had teeth so jacked that it became part of what made people recognise you, then changing it can be a really big deal. Clint proposed after 4 years of dating, I graduated college, and now we are buying a house. It's alot. Even though I have heard it a million times, it has been in this last year that I have actually felt life going by fast. It's insane. Part of growing up I suppose. The more years your life has, the faster they pass by in the grand scheme of things.
So, I wanted to start documenting that again. even though that LiveJournal is ridiculous, I love going back and reading it. It was my life at that time, and I am so thankful that those thoughts and feelings I had are forever preserved. So, here we go again!

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