Thursday, February 10, 2011

I miss LiveJournal

There was so much less pressure when I had a Livejournal. There was no 'rules' for making a post look pretty, no need to post pictures, and for that matter- no need to care if anyone actually read what you said. I miss that. I feel like I need to have something amazing to write about before I post on here now.

You know, to keep up to par for my imaginary followers who are waiting with bated breath to hear what I have to say.

A friend told me the other day that she loves getting emails from me. That they are hilarious and I should write. That really caught me off guard, since I write to her the most ridiculous thoughts I have at any given moment. But I thought about it and went back to read some of them. They ARE funny! (Although there is more in there about poop than I care to admit).

So my new goal is to write what I feel, when I feel it. I became so obsessed with making a blog that other people wanted to read that I forgot that the best thing about online journals in general is that they record memories.

I can right now, go back to the Livejournal I had when I was 15 and re-read what I was feeling. It's amazing (and heart-wrenching. Ahh, first love....).

So I have to picture for you, no project I did. (But I did just do an amazing one.) All I have are my random thoughts which might actually be worth something.

*Whenever I wear red and blue together, I feel like Superman.

*Although my house is (almost) always meticulously clean, open any drawer and stuff will be crammed in there to the brim.

*I talk to my pets, probably a little too much.

* I listen to music almost all the time when I'm not at home. In the car and at work silence is unbearable to me.

That’s it. And I'm OK with that.

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  1. That's ok, I talk to my cats a little too often as well. :P
    I have always liked how funny you are! That is what made business math soooooooo tolerable.