Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It is outstandingly cold at my work today. The way we work, there is a door that is wide open between the office area and the open-to-the-outside shop area. I have a space heater in my office, but it’s always cold.

Well today, I had had ENOUGH. If I had balls, they would be frozen. I am sitting at my desk in fuzzy boots with 2 sweaters and a scarf on. So I finally did the unthinkable- I shut the office door. The door never gets closed during the day because people are constantly in and out to give or tell me things. I feel it may become addicting. Suddenly it’s quiet. All I can hear is my music and typing, not the blaring of air hoses and boys talking about how many ducks they shot last weekend. I can get the room to be as hot as the Sahara in 15 minutes flat. Which I love.

Although, it also means my computer screen is no longer facing a wide open door which promotes procrastination and blogging. Ha.

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