Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dinner Fail.

I'm still doing pretty good on the making dinner at home kick. (Here's a shocker, on the week that Clint was supposed to cook every night, we ate out 3 times.)

Anyway, I tried a new recipe that was a major FAIL. It sucks because I wasted so much good food.

It was a chicken and veggie pasta with a garlic sauce. Well the recipe called for shrimp but the boy hates it so I subbed chicken. Maybe that helped the suckyness. Sounds great right? When I first read the recipe it sounded good. Check it-

Then I actually started to make it. So the sauce is yogurt, fresh uncooked garlic, lemon juice and a freakin ton of parsley. Right away I knew that the amount of uncooked garlic and parsley was going to be way overpowering.

I kept going though. I made my big pot of pasta, chicken, asparagus, and red bell pepper ( I left out the peas because they are the most vile vegetable on earth. I just THINK about peas and want to yak.).

I mixed in a little sauce and let it heat up for a bit, hoping to cook down the garlic flavor. No go. I finally tasted it and it was GOD AWFUL.
OK, I can fix this. I added some milk to think it out and some parmesan. WORSE.
Added some chicken broth. Ever so slightly better but still not really edible.

At this point, it's about to go in the trash. It was that bad. So I said What the hell and did something weird. I put the whole pot of food in a strainer and rinsed it. Yep, washed the food to get rid of that awful sauce.

It worked! I was back with a pot of just noodles, chicken and veggies. Go me for thinking outside the box. I just tossed in some olive oil and called it a day. A nice plain dinner with no awful sauce. Way to go me for not wasting.

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