Friday, February 25, 2011


Ladies- why is it that purses are always endless black pit holes of evil?

I use a pretty small purse.

Blogging at work again, naughty naughty.

In it I keep-

  • My wallet
  • My braces kit (floss, brush, paste, pick, wax, elastics...etc other obsessive cleaning tools)
  • My keys
  • Small lotion
  • misc little things- hair ties, clips and a pen.
I'm not counting the front pockets because thank the lord those things I can usually manage. But as for the middle- so help me god I can reach into that thing for my keys and not find the for a solid minute.

W. T. F.

Why, ohh why is is that I just can't reach in and pull out what I need. It's a small purse which I keep very clean for christ sake!!

Need a hair tie- find your pen!

Need your keys- find THE DAMN HAIRTIE!

Am I the only one who has this issue? Please tell me there is not a personal vendetta against me ladies. Tell me the purse gods are not spite-ing me for using those tiny backpack purses long after they were out of style.

Ohh ya, that was me.

About to buy a fanny pack,


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