Monday, March 28, 2011

Ooshy Gooshey Love Fest

Today I am especially appreciative of my ohh-so wonderful fiance, Clinton. He is SO good to me 150% of the time and I am so lucky to have him.
This past Friday he threw me a surprise braces freedom/birthday party. It was EPIC. I was completely surprised and it was wonderful.

But what spurred this post is not just that. So we occasionally will send each other text messages with "I love your  ____" (nose, ears, toes, butt cheeks) Anyway.

Today out of nowhere I get a text that says "I love your teeth".
I could DIE. Made me smile so huge. Then we went on an ooey gooey love fest of text messages back and forth that I will not share.

But I just had to put out there how much I love this boy. He is my favorite.

My all-time favorite picture of him (which he of course hates)

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