Monday, March 7, 2011

No cupcake

I bought my wedding dress yesterday.

Yep, just like that. It was fabulously anti-climactic. My mom is going to be FURIOUS when I tell her.

MOH and I were just out for a random shopping trip for nothing in particular besides a french press from World Market. MOH says "hey JC Penney has a huge dress section let's go take a look".

Sure! So we get there are start perusing. There is not as many dresses as usual since a big section is clearance jackets. But I spy a big poofy intricate sparkly prom dress (in navy blue) and a short white lace sundress.

I try on the blue cupcake dress. It was very very pretty. It looked nice. But it was trendy and I knew 10 years from now I would look at those pictures and go "GOD what was I thinking?".

I try on the lace sundress. It's beautiful. It's simple. I can be added to to become perfect and I love it. It's 40% off with my coupon and the sale.

So after carrying it around the store and trying it on a second time after grabbing a whole-body-sucking girdle and some heels (well 1 heel actually, you aren't allowed to take both shoes to the dressing room. Is that too funny?) I said Yes to This Dress.

Not a salesperson in  site, no pedestal and three way mirror, no crying, no pictures. I love it.

As I said, my mother is going to be livid. She of course wants me in some poofy long sparkly heavy cupcake monstrosity. Ohh well. She will just have to get over it because its my wedding.

You ready for the best part? How much did my wedding dress cost you ask?

Sixty Three Dollars.

Hell to the yes. As I said as I was buying it, I'd rather spend $400 on a zipline tour in Hawaii then a dress I'll wear once. BUT WAIT- the dress is 100% cotton so I'm gonna dye that sucker yellow after the wedding and wear it all the time. BOOYAH.

Now I know I will end up spending more of course. I want to add a petticoat for some more fullness (much harder to find then I thought it would be), maybe a sash, I need shoes and undergarments and I'm gonna get it altered to fit perfectly. But I would have had to do that with any dress. So I still saved major moolah.

I'm so stoked.

And just to be sure- after that we went by David's bridal to look for a petticoat. (the idea of a short petticoat was so foreign to them, I don't understand). While there I tried on another fancy poofy long dress that was on the $99 rack. It was nice, but it just reassured me that its just not for me. I can't imagine getting down and jiggy in a 20 pound dress with a train. It will get filthy, stepped on ripped, everything. I just wasn't comfortable or happy.

So my dress, the dress, is perfect for me.

Sorry for the super-long pictureless post, but I just had to share.

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