Saturday, April 2, 2011

An Epic party.

So as you all know, I got my braces off last week. Also, my birthday is next week.

I have been telling Clint for over a year he needed to throw me a braces freedom party after they came off filled with caramel and taffy and corn on the cob.

So (as far as I knew) it was all set up for the weekend of April 2nd. But little did I know Clint wanted to surprise me. He planned the whole thing and pulled off without a hitch, an epic surprise party on March 25th, the day after my braces came off.

If you haven't already realized this- I'm an over thinker. Do you ever consider all the variables that can go wrong with a surprise party? Clint had Boe ask me to go shopping after work. Now, I almost never say no to Boe. I'm always down to go hang out and do whatever with her. She rocks my socks. But what if I had said no? It was a bad day at work anyway, what if I didn't feel like it and came home during planning? What if I had driven past Clint while he was shopping when he should have been at work? What if I had logged into the online banking to check the balance and seen him buying stuff for the party?

It boggles my mind. But it all went perfect. After a nice little shopping trip (where we found the bridesmaids dress-score!) Boe suddenly tells me she is feeling a little pukey and needs to get home ASAP. I was of course concerned for her and so we cut short the trip. She drives me home and I walk in the front door to this:

I got a big Surprise! and all my friends jumped out of the hallway. It was awesome. It was the first surprise party I have ever had that was actually a surprise. (My 16th birthday was supposed to be but a frenemy told me it was happening the day before)

We got down to the parting and it was a grand ol time. I got another surprise about a half hour later when my friend Danielle showed up from Grass Valley. She was a sneaky one too. I was texting her trying to convince her to come down and she told me she was snowed in when in reality she was on her way here.

Beer pong was played, drinks were had, lots of candy was eaten, and Clint BBQ'd some mean tri tip.

Every picture I have of me and Danielle she is touching my boobs.

Now, he also got me a cake. A few weeks ago I showed him this and said how awesomely awesome it was-

Candy buttons! Isn't that awesome?!?
So, my dearest painstakingly did this for me-

He added real candy buttons to a cake for me. LOVE. That is no easy task kiddos.

Here is the fun I had with it:

I'm scary with a knife.
Note the giant pile of candy.

Haha, Jayson's face behind me is awesome.

More fun was had:

I LOVE this picture. I don't know why, but I do.
He put blinking St Paddy's pins on his boobies.
Shake it Becca!
Now I'm sure this highly-self centered post was terribly boring to those of you who don't actually know me an my friends-I don't care. It was a spectacular birthday and I wanted to document it.


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  1. What a great looking cake! Sounds like a fun birthday!!


    P.S. We are having a fun giveaway this week! Stop by!