Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping.

As previously mentioned. I'm getting married. In 9 months now.

I'm still not excited. I'm dreading it actually. Not because I don't want to get married, I really really do. But the thought of spending a big chunk of money and going deeper into debt for a wedding just makes me want to barf.

But a few weeks ago, at the indulgence of my maid of honor and mom, I went dress shopping. Twice.

Can't you see my excitement?
Well, turns out I don't really like wedding dresses. I despise strapless dresses and 85% of them are just that. But more than straplessness, I hate spending money. Boy, are they stupid expensive.

I'm hoping to stumble across something in an after prom sale or a thrift store that will be perfect and cost like $20. here's to hoping.

I did find one dress I liked, but it was -of course- stupid expensive. But here it is anyway.

I'm overjoyed, can't you tell?


The only good thing about them? They all make you look crazy skinny. Really. Not the best pictures, but in person I was like super tiny waist.

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