Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The dinner challenge, day 2.

Day 2- success!

I had the leftover soup for lunch at work.

Tonight I made mustard-glazed salmon with rice and salad. Delish again.I still didn't take pictures. But I promise, it looked like salmon. And rice. And a salad.
I took the leftover salmon and mixed it into the leftover salad and will take that for lunch tomorrow.
I also added to the challenge. I told Clint he had to come up with a week of recipes to make next week. That way we go 2 weeks without eating out, but we each get a week off from cooking. I'm stoked. He doesn't agree, but Clint is a great cook.

Damn. I was going go add a picture of Roxie but I'm blogging from my iPhone and it won't let me. Not cool. It was a cute one.

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