Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The dinner challenge

So, as inspired {aka: copying her exactly} by my friend Carrie, I have given myself a challenge this week. I am going to cook something I've never made before for dinner each night this week.

Now, I'm not getting crazy and pulling out some weird recipes here. I H.A.T.E cooking and really only have about 10 things I cook that recirculate. We are chronic eat-outers and it has to stop.

Here's a little known secret: eating out costs alot and its really bad for you. I know, shocker!

So, to go along with my new 10 week challenge ( I should really write a post about that....) I am going to make dinner at home every night this week. I just added in the 'something new' part to try and keep myself interested.

Night 1 was a success. I made Tuscan Turkey Meatball Soup. I was super delish, I even have leftovers for lunch at work.

(That's not really mine, I got it off Google images)
I forgot to take a picture. But c'mon, it's soup. It looked like that soup up there. I would link to a recipe, but I got it off the back of the bag of turkey meatballs and can't find it on the Foster Farms website.

Here's my memory:

Chicken Broth
Fresh Spinach
White Beans
Turkey Meatballs
Lots of pepper ( I effing love pepper. I use a TON on everything)
Garnish with Parmesan cheese

It was gooooooood stuff. Clint even liked it and he hates beans, spinach and soup in general that doesn't have bacon or potatoes or cheese.

On a side note: I can't slice raw onions. I try, over and over but I am so unbelievably sensitive to them that I end up screaming bloody murder with tears pouring down my face running from the kitchen to soak my face in hot water. Maybe someday I'll have followers that want to send me stuff and someone will get me these:

The Onion Goggles

or maybe I'll just add them to my stupid wedding registry (ohh, there's another post idea!)

I'm gonna try and post every day about this little journey. I'm even gonna link to it on my facebook and pretend people care.

Pardon my sour mood today, but my effing dog took an effing dump DOWN 6 CARPETED STAIRS AND ALL OVER THE TILE LANDING this morning and I had to clean it up which made me late to work.

Wow a food post that ended with poo talk. I'm just flying up the popularity charts.

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  1. I find I'm a lot more immune to onions when I'm wearing contacts as opposed to glasses! Breathing through the mouth helps....but it doesn't completely work.