Thursday, January 13, 2011


Roxie had her first vet visit yesterday. Not to worry, all is well. But one concern we had was the site on her legs where her dew claws had been removed. She chewed at them badly and they haven't healed yet.

Doc says they look good but to help get them healed to put Preparation H on them twice a day and make sure she doesn't lick it off for 10 minutes. No biggie.

Well we get to Wal-Mart and are looking at the selection. Neither of us have ever needed hemorrhoid cream before, so this was a whole new world. They have ointment or cream. Cooling or soothing. Who cares.

It took me a minute after walking away from the display before I realized how hilarious it must have been for anyone eavesdropping on us (not knowing were talking about a dog) to hear us discussing which one she would be least likely to lick off. Eeeeewww....

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