Friday, January 20, 2012



 To all my fellow bloggers out there- are you totally obsessed with your stats like I am? I go on there all the time and see where people are from, how many views I have, what time they are....I find it fascinating.

Granted, my blog is tiny and getting 10 views a day is big for me. But this morning seeing that Italy had turned green just made me giddy. Someone in Italy is reading my nonsense?

I love it. Thank you. Please come back. Click lots.


  1. LoL.. Trust me, you're definitely not the only one who likes following that.

    I agree that it really is cool to not only see how everyone gets to your page and the traffic you manage to pull in but when you see folks in other countries making their ways in.

    I'd had a blog with another blog provider for years and years before starting this one, and I remember I'd see people from all around the world checking out my posts. It was SO cool.

    It's also neat how these blog providers (for you, Blogspot -- for me, WordPress) have all these different charts and graphs and such showing you the stats. Makes ya feel kinda important! If only in a somewhat little way, hehe, but still!

  2. Yay! I love stuff like that! Stats are always fun to look at!