Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The little things.....

Lately I have been enamored and amazed and overjoyed by one thing in particular.

White paint.

Never in my life did I imagine that I would be married, own a home, and spend a fair amount of time smiling like a fool at my baseboards.

We have finally been painting the main areas of the house. Its a long slow process but it looks SO GOOD!

It's a hard thing to translate to pictures.

This is a good indication of the three colors in our main great room area right now.

          Far left is the beigey off white that was on every single surface of the house when we got it. We are painting all the doors and trim bright white.

          The middle trim color is the bright white (Glidden off-the-shelf base 2, I believe).

          The far right color is Olympic's Thin Ice. It is a super-duper light gray-blue. Very neutral and just enough to make the white really pop.

So as of now the house is kind of mis-matched.
All the baseboards and door trim (less a small area behind the turtle tank) are bright white.
Half of the walls in the room are Thin Ice.
3 out of 6 doors are bright white.

The mis-match drive me nuts, but hey, what can I do? Gotta work all day to pay for paint, ya know.

Just ridiculous.

Prreeetttty Colors. (Clint programmed our alarm to say "Griffith Res". So Cute.

That's how we roll around these parts, we break down a giant project into annoying half-done little bits. How about you?

Lets hope downstairs is done by Spring!


  1. You're so right about your "grass is greener" comment on my blog post ("Problems in Paradise"), and the main theme in your recent posts here are further evidence of that! The fact that you and your love are married and have secured a home that you're making more "yours" every day is just so cool and admirable! My guy and I are still just "in a relationship" -- not at that marriage stage just yet, even despite having been together for a little over four years now!

    We also live in an apartment, which is fine for now, but it still seems extremely exciting to think of the day when we'll have our own real home -- a house -- and get into all the little "personalizing" stuff you're speaking of in this post and others to make it more of the kind of place we can see being in and loving forever!

    I hope you and your husband continue to enjoy your home-personalizing experience together :)

    1. Why thanks! I was where you were too, we were together for 4-1/2 years before we got engaged! It was a change, but is the same at the same time, ya know?
      Sometimes I am still shocked we actually own a house. I feel so grown up, its crazy.
      Thanks for reading and I would love for you to keep following along!

  2. I love crisp white paint!! We're kinda moving room by room through our house. . . i'm sure we'll never be finished though!

  3. Did you prime you trim before you painted it? I'm about to go off on my trim in this house, it's driving me crazy. And you are brave for painting doors. We are going to replace ours, I don't think paint could save them since they are splitting.

    1. Yep, Kilz primer on the baseboards before paint. It really isin't that bad one you get into it. We just did it one section at a time and the difference was HUGE and totally worth it.
      Our doors are only 6 years old and in good shape so it was pretty easy. Plus I made my husband do the doors so it was REALLY easy for me.
      (BTW, I'm totally geeking out that you commented on my blog. Your blog is amazing so you are internet famous to me. So thank you for totally making my day.)