Friday, January 27, 2012

A quick makeover

When I was working on making over Clint’s man cave, I decided this little table could use a facelift too.

Before it was wobbly, warped, ugly and for some reason someone had done wall texture on the top of the table.

I didn’t take a before….I know, I know…. but I found it in an old picture.


That sexy leg is not mine, it’s our friend Andres’. He is also responsible for the beer and chewing tobacco, neither of which the Mr or I partake in.


Anywho- I had to sand down the top 50 million times to try and smooth out the texture, add in support screws to all the legs, cut a  new bottom shelf out of plywood, prime and paint the whole thing.

It was a pretty easy project I did over the weekend in between other stuff.

Here it is all done up and back in it’s natural habitat:





It is now right next to his god awful ugly disgusting favorite leather recliner that he sits in when he is up there. It holds controllers, the battery charger, our modem and his game cheater book.

It’s not the most glamorous makeover ever, but it made him happy and it was totally free to do.


For those of you who haven’t dug through my archives, I actually re did some other furniture before. Check out  Our entryway mirror, The entryway table and  my nightstand.

Anyone else do any fun makeovers lately?

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  1. It looks great! There are some makeovers and other DIY projects I would like to try, but we're holding off until we know whether or not we're moving.