Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's all go to the bathroom, shall we?

Let's take our next stop on the house tour somewhere a liitle more personal.

The master bathroom.

We have done quite a bit in here, update wise. Let's she how she rolled on our first walk through, eh?

Thar she blows

We went bold with our color choice in this room since it is small and only we use it, so if it looks bad we didn't really care.

But I totally love it. Whenever someone comes over I take them in there to look at the color.

Here's a dirty little secret though- the paint job SUUUUUUUCCKKKS. This was the first room we painted in the house, it's semi gloss paint and we didn't prime. It looks horrible when you really look close. But it would take priming over it and then re-coating to fix so it's not going anywhere for awhile.

Live and Learn!

Anywho, lets look around more.

This second picture is taken from standing inside the little toilet-alcove room, which is why none of the pictures show a toilet in the bathroom. We have one in there, I swear.

So let's do the checklist of what we have done, shall we?

  1. Painted the room peacock blue
  2. Painted the builder orangey-oak vanity in light gray and added hardware
  3. Installed the curved shower rod (loooooove)
  4. Added the stainess shelves/towel racks
  5. Installed a new toilet in the secret room (its right inside the entrance to the right, you can see the door frame in the picture above)
  6. Added a full length mirror behind the door (which you can see me in in the picture about the color)

There is more to do of course, but this is on the back burner for awhile. Sorry for the terrible pics, my camera did not agree with the light fixture in there and I don't know how to change the white balance-ISO-aperature-blah blah stuff on it.

Can we all just agree how awesome this poster is?

It's level, I swear. My camera just isin't.

It's big (20x30). I totally, totally love it. So much so I couldn't wait to get a frame and pinned it up on the wall naked as soon as I got it :)

So, you have any ideas for me on doing more with the space?


  1. I like the cool, calm feeling of it.

  2. my husband and I just bought a house, too! I love your little blog title about making it "home-made." we feel the same way.. attempting to make it NOT look like a tract home is my goal. we haven't pulled the trigger on painting yet.. could be as early as next week. expect a blog post about our horrible painting experience. thanks for the comment! I'll have to stop by and check in on your home progress.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Congrats on buying a house! It is a TON of work, but so much fun (if your hubby is as handy as mine, at least)
      I always SWORE I would never own a tract home, that is until I saw what you got for the money! Now i am just trying to trick myself into thinking it is custom on the inside :)
      Every single time I paint I go through the same process. First I'm super exicted. Then half way through I'm pissed and cursing the idea. Then when it is dry and put back together I'm totally happy! LOL.
      Please come back and check in on us, I'm going to go follow your blog now :-)