Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random picture bonanza.

So, when I was taking some pictures off of mine and the Mr's cell phones that I wanted to post, I ended up taking just way to many that were entirely un-relevent to any particular post. So therefore they make the perfect random post!

Here they are in all their glory:

This is Margaret. So we are told by our neighbors, she was abandoned by the previous owners. So she sits outside out backdoor staring at me and making me feel guilty. We feed her, and are going to ask Clint's mom to adopt her.
Ohh, and she's technically a boy, but I just thought she looked like a Margaret so now she is transgender and there is nothing wrong with that. LOL.

This is the gorgeous ceiling fan Clint installed all by himself (Well I handed him the screwdriver a couple times)
It makes the room looks so much warmer, and I love it.

This is Clint and his niece Haley at her 5th birthday last week. This picture just makes me melt it is so cute.

On that same note, here he is with his brand new nephew, Angelo. Ha, he wore the same shirt both those days.

One of Henry's favorite new spots to hang out. So cute it makes me wanna puke.
I also exercise extreme restraint in not turning on the water while he's asleep. I know, I know, I'm awful.

Our bedroom, with the new duvet cover we got. That paint really doesn't photograph well. Here is the actual color.

That one picture is also the only thing we have for the walls in the whole room. We need some art in there bad.

And this is Dorothy and Jacob, my absolute most favorite Christmas decorations. I just happened upon the picture in my phone and had to share. We got them in Nevada City and I feel we will buy one every year until the house is overrun with adorable hand carved wood reindeer. It doesn't hurt that they are sold by an adorable old man at the Victorian Christmas fair who does them all by hand.
This year we are gonna get the big ol 3 ft tall one for the front porch. I think his name will be Malcolm.
Ohhh so excited!

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