Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello World.

Well, I suck at blogging. It's a good think I don't do this for a living, because I sure would get fired quick.

We moved into the house. Yippee! It was the most exhausting 4 days I've had in a long, long time. Well, more like a week actually,

Tuesday- Loan funded. After work and a quick trip to the old house to eat, we went to the new place and started.....I have no clue, I don't even remember what we did that night. There was no water at the house so it couldn't have been much. But we were there late.

Wednesday- Got the water turned on and again after work went to work on the house. Started cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The kitchen and bathrooms in the house were all grotesque and I'm sure I lost 5 pounds in sweat scrubbing so much. To bad we ate take out and fast food for a week so I balanced that right out, eh?

Thursday- Had the carpets cleaned (yay!) which turned out waaaayyyy better then we were expecting them to. Clint took a half day from work and him and a friend spent 6 hours installing the garage door opener. Once I got off work, it was right back to the house for more scrubbing. I've gotta tell you about my shower. The bottom of our tub/shower has the texture of orange peel. Now, I don't know what kind of genius thought THAT was a good idea, but I'd like to smack him. The floor of the tub was almost black with 4 years of peoples filth ground into all those little nooks and crannies. It took me HOURS to get it out, along with a hard bristle brush, a Scotchbrite pad, and a box of magic erasers (I flippin love those things!)

Friday- We moved in! The boys did all the U-Haul packing while I was scrubbing my counter tops with heavy chemicals (grout = gross). Everyone who helped went up and down the stairs at least 20 times. Stairs suck.

Saturday we spent trying to get the new place in some kind of order.

Sunday we spent 9 hours getting the last of our stuff out and cleaning the old place.

Monday we were planning to "relax" and ended up organizing the garage, setting up the game room, scrubbing cabinet faces....etc...

Tuesday was back to work and "normal" life. We have still been working on the house every day after work and I don't see that ending anytime soon. The list of projects is never ending. Poor Clint, he is such a trooper.

Million more updates, but I gotta go do some work kids.

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