Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello Kids,

For those of you paying attention, before we moved I started A mirror redo project. I got the most of it done moving, but just completed it tonight.

In case you didn't click the link, here is a before shot.

Well I painted that bad boy black at the old house and it came out like this-

Simply delicious. But in the move, it got good and scuffed up since I had painted it with satin finish paint (at the Mr's demand. He ssswwwwoooore it would look so much better than semi-gloss.) so I knew I was going to have to seal it with some poly.

Plus I had ordered a little goodie for it from here.

Well I got off work tonight, taped the mirror and busted out the poly.

Disaster. I was using the totally wrong brush, and the poly gooped up in all the little dots on the edges and it was just awful. I almost cried. I did decide I was done with projects for the night, even though my bedroom has been half painted for 2 days now.

Well, once I let the paint dry and added my decal, it looked better. I slapped that puppy back on the wall and it now looks like this-

I'm in love. Bonus there, you can see the reflection of the collage poster I had made of all my favorite pictures of me and the Mr.

I think I will buy some spray poly and give it a coat with that later on. You don't get to see the finished table redo that lives below the mirror-
1. Because it needs to be poly coated still, and
2. Because it is covered in all the stuff displaced from the bedroom while we paint in there.

But for now, it makes me happy. I love that decal so very very much.

And while I was doing that, the Mr was hard at work installing the new ceiling fan-

Someday when the house is photo-tour worthy, I'll show you the finished project.

Ohh, see those birds on the wall behind him there? My fastest and favorite project by far in the house. But that's for another post. I gotta build some suspense you know!

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  1. Your house looks lovely! I love your little blog lol You do have followers. Good to see your man hard at work :P