Saturday, September 18, 2010

I need a vote!

Well today I need your help kids.

My stupid jerk of a  bestest friend Andres told me my house has to much blue. I happen to think it looks beautiful, but he got under my skin a bit at first. So, I bought an area rug with absolutely no blue in it.

My issue is now that I can't decided whether to put it in the living room or the dining room. So, I am calling all my (3) trusty readers to tell me what they think.

Living room:

or dining room:

Pardon the messy countertops and leftover paper towel from cleaning the table.

So, whatcha think? I'm to lazy to figure out how to insert a poll here, so leave me a comment. Should the rug go in the living room or the dining room?


  1. Dining room :] Nice window thingy in the dining room by the way.

  2. I like it in the dining room as well....

  3. I like it in the dining room too, but you put where YOU like it. And if you love to be surrounded by blue, then I think that's up to YOU. It's your house!


  4. Was that my Andres that said that? I think the blue looks great - it pulls the rooms together. BTW, I love, love, love the birds on the stairs!!!! Congrats again on the house, its amazing.

  5. Ohh yes, that was him alright :) Love that boy, but Clint says "I put his opinion of me on a pedestal" LOL

    Ohh, and thank you :) I just posted a blog about the birds, go check it out!