Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why I disappeared.

When I started this blog I had a job that I sat in an office all by myself with about .01% of my day filled with actual work. Therefore I had hours and hours of time to read blogs, get inspired, and write posts all about it.

Well I got a new job (which I am uber-excited about) that leaves exactly 0 time for Internet surfing. So therefore, my creative juices have all put dried up. Maybe someday I will get back to it. I'll try and get some good pics this weekend (Halloween) and write up the party we are going to.

Ohh! I did make some curtains for my new office I could show you! But, my phone is in the bedroom and I have a purring kitten asleep on my lap so I'm not moving.

In other news, I am soooo not even a little excited for the holidays. I wish I could be more like the awesome Karla and want to host a big bash at my new house, but I'm not. My entire family lives in the same town as me so Thanksgiving is just a day with more dishes to do and more cursing to me. Plus- as it turns out a new house is rather expensive to maintain so we have lost our excess of disposable income we used to have. So Christmas is just stressing me out as well.

Well, I am looking forward to decorating. I looooove decorating. But I know once I take all my decor out its gonna look puny in the giant house and I'm gonna want to buy buy buy more. Circle back to broke and there goes that.

But I am big on birthdays. I always have been. I feel like your normal life should stop and very single minute should be special for your birthday. So in December I have Clint's, my niece Kendyl and my nephew Ethan's birthdays. That's a whole lot of special to come up with.

Well my tiny little post to remind my blog I wasn't dead has gotten a bit long winded. maybe I do still have it in me.

See ya next time!

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  1. Shellie, thanks for the shout-out :)
    I'm glad you back to blogging. I love seeing your projects - so creative. Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations! I need inspiration.