Monday, April 16, 2012

Cabinet Painting, Part 1

So, the weekend was finally here. The Mr and I had both taken Monday off work so we could rock this project out with our full concentration. In case you have forgotten, here is what we started with (after heavy cleaning and light decorating)

This is what we worked with for the fist year and a half of living here.  Perfectly functional, but not so pretty. So, we made the decision to paint the cabinets. They were in great shape (the house was only built in 2006 people) plus we are super cheap so it was a go. We had actually talked about it since we first got the house but knowing what a huge project it was just kept putting it off. That is until my idols, the Brand and Angelina of blogging themselves John & Sherry did their kitchen cabinets. then I was all….its on.
So! By the time Clint got home from work Friday I had already removed all of the door and hinges from the kitchen.


Which I promptly took no pictures of. But trust me, its alot of doors.

Then we spent far too many hours cleaning, sanding and deglossing all the surfaces. Thank baby Jesus for deglosser. We only had to do a light sanding because of it. It made the job much, much easier. Now on to paint!

So the Mr, being the gadget-o-phile he is decided we should buy a paint sprayer for the job. He also decided we needed the heavy duty professional kind that sucks the paint right out the the can (no pouring!)
After taking all the doors down, I began to set up the Dexter kill room paint booth in our garage.


Notice our very professional door lifters, empty soda cans and beer pong cups. What you see there is about half the doors. The ground was also covered in them on the other side of the tables.
So, Mr fires up his sprayer and starts getting his prime on.

Looks like its going great, right??


See you for part 2. :-)

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