Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cabinet Painting, Part 2

So, when we last left off, Mr Two One Ohh was starting to prime the cabinet doors with his fancy fancy sprayer.

All should have been right in the world. The glorious smooth finish should have been having me dance and sing with happiness and joy. Alas, it was not to be.

See, by deciding he needed the fanciest sprayer they sell at Home Depot, Mr had gotten one that has a pump and a very long hose. Why is that a problem? It takes half a gallon of paint to get the thing to start spraying. Which meant 1 coat of primer on the backs of the doors took an ENTIRE GALLON of primer. No bueno.
This sprayer was supposed to be used in a 5 gallon bucket, where you had a long way to go in the can. We did not. It was a disaster. After much hemming and hawing I told him we executive decided the sprayer had to go. If John & Sherry can do it with a brush and roller, so can we!
This was all good until the next morning when we went to flip over the doors.
(For those of you wondering about the cabinet boxes, I had primed those by hand in no time flat, rather uneventfully.


SO! Saturday morning was here and we went to flip the doors. For those of you who aren’t big painters, here's the thing. Primer is sticky. That’s its job. To make paint stick to it. Imagine with me if you will, a cocoon of plastic tarping making a little room which had been sprayed with copious amounts of primer. As soon as you walked in your feet stick to the covered-in-overspray ground.
It was rather unpleasant, but carry on we must. We flipped the doors over and spent the day priming the fronts.
The trouble came when it was then time to flip them back over for paint. Remember our fancy lifters from part 1, soda cans and Solo cups? Well the primer had  done its job and they were all stuck to the primed back of the doors. Like, we had to pull them off which left rings of bare wood on all the doors. I.was.PISSED. My poor mister got a full on temper tantrum directed at him for his decision to use a “stupid mother effing expensive damn sprayer” when I wanted to do it by hand in the first place. I’m not proud of it.

We soldiered on. We had to do a light sanding and re-prime the spots that were damaged and wait for it to dry again. We also had to replace all the plastic that was under the cabinets with fresh un-sticky stuff so we had somewhere to lay the doors that wouldn't cause the same problem again.

Then came the paint. We went with the same paint John & Sherry used. Seriously, don’t take my post as a tutorial. I’m not a good teacher. Just read theirs. We just tried to do everything they said to do.
Just like the primer, the paint went on the boxes smooth as butter in no time flat. If we didn’t have doors this would have been the easiest project ever.

The doors were tedious, but we got it done. It was a whole lot of roll, brush, dry. Over and over again.

Now we are ready for the fun part….the reveal!

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