Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cabinet Paint Reveal!

So after 3 poorly documented days of work, we put our kitchen back together. This project was my birthday present and I am THRILLED with how it came out. Looking at the before pictures just blows my mind. Here  we go!

The last step before being done done was to add the new hardware. Thecabinets previously had none at all, so we had to drill the holes for the new ones. I choose a brushed nickel pull with some lttle cutouts for some visual interest





We added them to all the drawers, and all the doors except for the ones above the stove. We have always wanted to retro fit in a microwave hood, which would mean those doors would have to go, so I didn’t bother adding the pulls.

It was fairly straightforward. Almost too easy….since the Mr got so into a groove that he was doing all the doors so fast he drilled 3 of them on the WRONG SIDE. Like, right next to a hinge a didn’t notice, lol.





Now, the painting project was officially DONE!


Again, the before:



Now the AFTER!



BAM! How about them apples??


As you can see, we took down the cabinet over the fridge. Even 6’4” Clint could barely reach it so it was pretty useless. I love the open feeling of it being gone, and I got my beautiful glass bowl that I had been eyeing forever at Pier 1 to go on the wall.


Let’s look at some more angles :)


IMG_0284 IMG_0285




There it is. We will be adding a hood microwave and someday redoing the countertops, but for now its love.

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