Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our adventure date.

I love a good adventure. Who doesn't?

So when it came time for the Mr and I to go see Transformers 3 I decided an adventure was in store. About an hour and a half away from us is an XD theater. The screen is about twice the size of a normal one and the seats all recline so you are really into it.

We drove up there to see the movie and had a grand old time. The movie was good and it was nice to just be doing something different. We then had an ammmmmazing dinner at Cattleman's and topped off the evening with a walk on the sundial bridge.


I am a terrible photographer but that bridge really is amazing. If you are in the area, I highly suggest a walk-across. Even though the floor is made of glass and it scared to crap out of me to walk across.

Here is a real picture.

We had a great time. It's amazing what a quick little trip out of your usual neighborhood can do.

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