Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why I feel old today

I have been beginning to see tiny little signs of things that make me feel/realize that I am no longer of the youngest generation. Yep, its true. I say "those damn kids" far to often and haven't been trendy in years.

Now, I am sure that all some of you reading will roll your eyes and scoff at me for feeling old at the ripe age of 25, but I'm just saying-its gotta start somewhere.

The first one to really hit me was when I was channel surfing and saw Full House pop up on the guide. I look over and realize- its on Nick at Nite. Jesus Christ. Full House? On Nick at Nite? Why don't you just put me in a home now. I watched Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie on Nick at Nite. Full House was prime-time viewing, my friend.

But today I had another that spurred my need to share. I am starting to go through the wedding music and sort out what I want where. In one of the Greatest Hits of whenever CD's I was looking through, I saw the Macarena.

And I couldn't remember how it went.

Seriously. I saw the title, I know what it was and I couldn't find the sector of my brain that had that damn song burned into it for years. Is that amazing? I felt old.

That was so totally me in grade school. We did the Macarena in PE for god sakes. Now I have replaced it in my brain with mortgage interest rates or something.

Thank the lord I'm not some famous blogger who had to pay royalties to these guys for this post:

Ohh, and You're Welcome for getting the Macarena stuck in your head all day. :)

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  1. lmao! oh just wait hun.. it gets WORSE!!!