Thursday, December 30, 2010


You wanna know what my problem with writing my own blog is?

I read too many good blogs. It's intimidating. I'm a bit obsessed. I check my Google reader at least 4 times a day to check for updates. This leaves me both too shy to write about my own dinky projects and stories, as well as far too busy reading to do any writing. In a perfect world my blog would be a beautiful mesh of styles like Young House Love, MODG and Enjoying the Small Things. I'm in love with those people.

But if it counts for anything, I do take pictures of projects and keep them in a folder on my desktop for the hope that I will someday write about it.

I did a new project in the guest room last night that was super easy, turned out cute and cost me exaclty NOTHING. I haven't taken pictures of that yet because I hung it on the wall right next to the 12 spots that need to be painted, so it would just look silly. But I did sand and prep them for paint! Hopefully I will do that when I get home and maybe have me super cute/unused/in progress guest room post this weekend.

But we are getting a dog tomorrow, so I'm sure I will be preoccupied. Ohh well!

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