Friday, December 31, 2010

Instant Crafting.

Well, one night out of nowhere I got in my head that I had to do something crafty. Like RIGHT NOW. My intention was to put up some art in the upstairs bath, which at the time was 100% blank.

I had on hand some fabric swatches I ordered from Tonic Living for a whopping $1.00 a piece, and some old pictures frames I wasn’t using. Bam.

I put the fabric swatches in the frames.

They turned out so stinking cute I wanted them to actually be seen, and since our upstairs bath is rarely used, that killed that idea. But fear not kiddies! I put them in the hall bath downstairs!

Wahoo! They are the perfect size for the tiny room, and add a little pop of design and some interest to the wall. I love it, and it cost me not-a red-cent (since I had already bought the fabric swatches to try and find some fabric for drapes).

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