Monday, March 5, 2012

End table makeover and new couch

So we have had this end table since…..forever. It was a hand-me-down from a friend who got it as a hand me down. It has sat in our living room holding a laptop for years. We really like that the drawer is on the shallow side so you can open it from the couch easier.
It has seen better days.

Up until now though, it always sat hidden between a wall and the couch, so I didn’t really care too much about how it looked.


So, in plans  to get a new sectional couch, this table was now going to be front and center so it needed some attention.
I decided that I only wanted to repaint the top because I’m lazy  to give it some contrast.
After sanding , wood filling, primer, paint and polyurethane, a new knob and scrubbing down the legs and sides-

It’s not perfect, there are still a ton of bare areas on the legs- but for now I love it. Maybe someday I will do the rest of it black, who knows.
Here is a shot of the whole room with the new couch and all (after I took off the fake staging props on the table, lol.


I am so in love with that new couch it’s not even funny. Partially because I got such a sweet deal on it (good price, sale day, reselling old furniture).
Yay for all being able to fit on the couch at the same time!

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